Republic of Moldova - Romania common digital space

Republic of Moldova - Romania common digital space

The Republic of Moldova and Romania will have a common digital space and this goal is enshrined in the Memorandum of Understanding in the field of digital transformation between Chisinau and Bucharest, signed at the joint meeting of the Governments of the Republic of Moldova and Romania on 11 February 2022, by the Deputy Prime Minister for Digitalization of the Republic of Moldova and the Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitalization of Romania.


The signing of this Memorandum is a first and an important step in the development of a common digital space between the two countries. The document provides for a number of objectives of bilateral cooperation, including:


·  development of digital platforms, infrastructures and electronic public services;

·  data exchange;

·  mutual recognition of electronic signatures;

·  facilitating investment and innovative entrepreneurship in information technology;

·  ensuring cyber security.


The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in the field of digital transformation between the Republic of Moldova and Romania will boost bilateral cooperation in this area and will also ensure the transposition of European norms and the application of common standards that will open up opportunities for joint participation in digital development and transformation projects, funded under the financial assistance programmes of the European Union. This involves multiple benefits, which will be enjoyed by every citizen, public and private entities, academia and voluntary sector, as these advantages refer to promotion of participatory digital democracy, development of economic relations, boosting of e-commerce, development and capitalization of electronic public services, etc.


Moldovan-Romanian Intergovernmental Commission


Under the Memorandum, on 16 June 2022, the Joint Intergovernmental Commission for the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding in the field of digital transformation between the Republic of Moldova and Romania was established. The Commission is composed of representatives of both parties, and the following representatives were appointed as members of the Commission: the Electronic Governance Agency, the Information Technology and Cyber Security Service, the Public Services Agency on the one hand and the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization of Romania, the Authority for Digitalization of Romania, the National Directorate for Cyber Security on the other hand. During the constituent meeting, the members of the Commission expressed their commitment to cooperation and mutual support in order to boost bilateral cooperation, exchange of experience, mobilization of technical, financial and human resources in order to develop the common digital space between the Republic of Moldova and Romania.


The Commission is responsible for the implementation of concrete activities as well as the establishment of common working mechanisms and procedures.


The creation and intensification of the strategic partnership and functional dialogue between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Government of Romania in the field of digital transformation will have a positive impact in all sectors, which require the adoption and adaptation of new digital solutions that will be able to respond effectively to the emerging needs of users.


The Commission meets regularly in plenary meetings


12 December 2022 - The second meeting of the Commission was held


The second meeting of the Commission took place in Chisinau on 12 December 2022. The meeting discussed the achievements of the Joint Commission in the first half of the year, identified the areas of activity for the next period and formulated new common objectives for cooperation in the field of digital transformation and development of the common digital space between Moldova and Romania in the next 6 months, during which the Republic of Moldova will hold the chairmanship of the Commission, handed over through rotation by the Romanian side. Olga Tumuruc, Director of the e-Governance Agency, was elected the Chair of the Commission.


The major achievements of the Moldovan-Romanian Commission, through the joint efforts of specialists from both banks of the Prut River, include the Alignment of the relevant institutions from the Republic of Moldova and Romania to the same strategic objectives on digitalization and establishing the timeframe for their achievement, while mentioning the main objectives: 


Develop digital public services in line with European standards and raising the level of digital literacy of the nation.


- Identify the legal mechanisms to ensure the reuse of digital solutions. According to the mutually agreed plan, the Republic of Moldova will share with relevant Romanian institutions the electronic services and government platforms that proved their efficiency and are appreciated both in our country and abroad.


- Prepare the technical platform for the development of public services provided by the Romanian authorities as prototypes, based on the government services developed in the Republic of Moldova.


- Initiate procedures for mutual recognition of digital signatures issued by the two states, thus ensuring the interoperability of electronic identity, and initiate joint negotiations with the EU for the recognition of qualified signatures issued by the Republic of Moldova.


- Make progress in developing the cyber security framework for the Republic of Moldova. In the field of cyber security, Romania achieved remarkable results and the expertise of Romanian and Estonian specialists is much appreciated in the development of the cyber security model, which is supported by projects funded by the EU and the US.


During the meeting held on 12 December 2022, two major documents were signed, aimed at strengthening the cooperation in the field of digitalization between the Moldovan and Romanian governments and two private companies: the international Microsoft company and the Romanian UiPath company.


The trilateral cooperation between the two governments, Microsoft and UiPath opens new perspectives and opportunities for the digital development of the Republic of Moldova and Romania. Such cooperation agreements have no commercial nature or commitment. These are strategic partnership agreements, in which the parties are motivated by the desire to work together in a joint team on digitalization of the two countries.


The Commission will focus on the implementation of joint projects and initiatives, the development of investments in the information technology sector, the development of innovative digital solutions in the interest of citizens on both banks of the Prut River. The areas of cooperation that need to be mentioned are as follows:


-           Development of electronic public services at all levels of government;

-           Data exchange and interoperability of information systems between the two countries;

-           Automation of administrative processes;

-           Mutual recognition of electronic signatures;

-           Cybersecurity;

-           Facilitating investment and entrepreneurship, business development;

-           Implementation of platforms and infrastructures developed here and in Romania;

-           Joint participation in programmes and initiatives implemented at European Union level;

-           Transfer of experience and best practices, training of specialists and development of sectoral policies;

-           Development of the information society etc.




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