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Servicii Servicii.gov.md is the unique platform of public services provided by the authorities.
The portal operates as an electronic catalog of public services provided by the authorities dedicated to citizens and businesses.

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Servicii Through this platform, the Government of Republic of Moldova offers access to public data sets for citizens and businesses. The platform is a unique data counter.

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Mobile Signature

semnatura mobila "Mobile Signature" is an innovative instrument that allows accessing electronic services by mobile phone, operating as an identity card in the virtual environment. Citizens can sign documents remotely, reports, declarations ...

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M-Cloud M-Cloud – Common technological Platform for Government based on the "Cloud Computing" technology.

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Here you have access to the latest public procurement announcements available non-stop for a transparent and efficient procurement process.

The latest announcement:

• The Center for Electronic Governance launched the Public Tender 1549/13

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Cyber Security

Current technologies introduce, along with many growth opportunities, also many risks that should be a concern to all stakeholders. Cyber security is an increasingly actual subject in today's informational society.

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